Tricks to Store Your Camping Equipment

Closet with neatly arranged outdoor gear with camping chair

By storing your camping gear in an organized manner, you can make it easier to pack for your next trip. This might not be an enjoyable task, but very important. No matter where you store those things whether in your garage, attic or basement, make sure that you do it properly. Here are some expert tips on how to stock your camping gear,

  • Clean all your equipments and get rid of all the spots and stains. Your outdoor sleeping bags, backpacking chairs, tents and tarps require special attention. Then, you have to let them dry in the sun for a time. This is to avoid any chance of developing mold spots. In case of your camp kitchen supplies, wash them thoroughly before putting them away.
  • Keep them all in cases that are used only for the camping gears so that you cannot forget packing anything useful when you go on your next outdoor trip.
  • It is recommended to unroll your sleeping pads during storage. They cannot retain their thickness and insulation property when compressed. When you are laying them in a flat position they could occupy more area but remember that their lifespan is increased.
  • Do you have any camping gadgets? You need to take out all the batteries before placing them away. If you don’t remove them, battery acids might leak and damage the gadget or result in corrosion.

When you store everything correctly, you won’t experience any trouble the next time you pack for a camping trip.

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