Trekking: Essentials that You Must Have

Trekking above the sea

Trekking, being an outdoor recreational activity, needs a good preparation so that you can get the required things at ease. Trekking includes sudden difficulties and problems which you need to cope with the gear that you have. Hence, you need to be well prepared in advance to handle all emergency situations effectively. Food and water are the two basic things with which no compromise can be done. A camp kitchen can be a good idea in this situation where you can cook the food, but there are several items that are necessary which are as mentioned below.

Trekking Poles –

Trekking means a strenuous walking where at times you might require some support while walking and this is the situation where the trekking poles come to the rescue. They provide the required support which would help you to walk properly.

Outdoor Sleeping Bags – As indicated by the name, this consists of the necessary items for sleeping at night. Outdoor sleeping pads are on which you can sleep, and the outdoor sleeping blankets with which you can make yourself comfortable from the harsh outside weather.

Camping Hammocks –

Camping hammock come handy where you are unable to make a tent for passing the night. These can be suspended from two sides, and then you can sleep on it. Also at times, you might require a camping chairs during trekking.

Hydration Bladder –

A hydration bladder is basically a type of a hydration system that helps in the times of dehydration during the course of trekking. This is built in the form of a back pack which contains a bladder like structure for storing water.

Waterproof Dry Bag –

A multipurpose bag that is used to carry all other necessary items during the course of trekking like bottles, medicines etc. and most importantly the waterproof dry bag prevents moisture or water from entering the bag which prevents damage to the things that are inside.

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