Stowable, Compact Trekking Poles

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Stowable, Compact Trekking Poles


Outdoor adventures have become one of the most common pastimes and methods for exercise among families and friends around the world. One of the main outdoor adventures that groups and families embark on is trekking and hiking. Trekking is a great outdoor activity for exploring, enjoying nature, and even getting a good cardio workout in. However, having the proper equipment and accessories for the journey not only makes the adventure more enjoyable, but it also maintains wellness and prevents fatigue and body strain. One of the most important accessories to take on an trekking or hiking journey is a premium trekking pole.

Some Trekking Pole Benefits

POG manufactures some of the highest quality trekking poles on the market. The features and advantages of using the proper trekking pole can be seen in posture enhancement, mental wellness, and an increase in physical stamina. The Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking pole by POG is one of the highest customer rated trekking poles in the outdoor equipment industry. The accolades given to this particular trekking pole can be attributed to its versatile features, the manufacturing standards that present quality as well as durability, and the level of comfort that is rendered to the consumer. The POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Pole is one of most light weight trekking poles available. Additionally, the POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Pole is easily packed and stored when it is not in use.

Outdoor lovers of all ages can enjoy the advantages of this amazing trekking pole while preventing additional weight being added to their overall load.
The Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Pole by POG is known for its ultralight weight. A set of these premium trekking poles weigh less than one pound combined. Therefore, if you are interested in maintaining ultralight standards for your next outdoor adventure the POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles are definitely an option to consider. These premium quality trekking poles are manufactured with 100% carbon fiber and a 3k surface. POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles are not created with excess materials which typically make the poles heavier and slightly harder to use over an extended period of time like many competitors do.

POG Trekking Poles

These ultralight and well manufactured trekking poles can be used for short trekking adventures or extended periods of time without causing some of the most common issues associated with trekking and hiking. Hand fatigue is a thought of the past when using a set of POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles. In addition to their ultralight weight, the handles are expertly crafted with a cork and EVA  foam grip offering the best in comfort and durability.

These components allow an easier and more firm grip on the trekking pole, which in turn enhances balance, weight management, and easier terrain testing in unfamiliar elements of nature. This set of premium POG trekking poles also have a feature which allows them to easily telescope and stow for enhanced storage. This feature is the highlight of this particular model of trekking poles because of the ease of use among all ages of outdoor adventurers. Although these trekking poles are easily stowed for storage and packability, there is also an additional feature included in its design to maintain stability when fully extended and in use.

Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles are manufactured with a quick flip lock, which is very easy to use from child age up to experienced trekker. The quick flip lock technology simply ensures that the pole remains in the extended position while in use without collapsing at an unwanted time. Thus, enhancing the trekking poles ability to sustain balance, properly manage weight, and ensure the safety of the trekker while in motion.

Moreover, the POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles are fully adjustable which makes them a one size fits all design to cater to all heights and ages of trekkers. POG specializes in manufacturing expertly crafted outdoor equipment that is versatile and user friendly for a variety of outdoor adventurers. By easily adjusting the POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles, outdoorsmen can easily use the same trekking poles for trekking, hiking, climbing uphill or downhill, and testing the depth of snow, streams and mud. These premium trekking poles make uphill and downhill adventures much more enjoyable by being able to adjust to the length of pole necessary to accommodate the incline or decline of the area. From the ultralight weight, to the durability factor, the enhanced features to better manage weight as well as eliminate body strain, and reduce fatigue in the body/hands the POG Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles prove to be an essential asset to any trekking or hiking adventure.