Ripstop Camping Hammocks: Why You Must Buy

Ripstop Camping Hammock

Ripstop Camping Hammocks: Why You Must Buy

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Ripstop Camping Hammock Strength. 1

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Ripstop is More Lightweight. 2

Ripstop is More Comfortable. 2

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Ripstop Camping Hammocks are showing their superior strength and durability in the market for camping hammocks.  Backpackers and campers are no longer satisfied with cheap parachute nylon hammocks.  They tear and are scratchy and uncomfortable.  Ripstop camping hammocks are lighter, more durable and are cool and comfortable.

This article will clearly convince you that you want a ripstop camping hammock over inferior alternatives.  Everyone wants quality, and with the right choice, you can have quality AND value in a camping hammock.  We will examine a number of criteria for making a good choice of hammock.

Ripstop Camping Hammock Strength

Ripstop Camping Hammocks have always been stronger than other hammocks.  The ripstop nylon has additional multidirectional weaves that make the nylon resistant to tears.  These weaves will stop a rip in the fabric usually within a few millimeters of the start. 

Regular nylon hammocks will continue to rip until it reaches the end of the fabric. Who wants a great outdoor adventure ruined by a torn hammock?  Noone, so the choice is easy, go with quality and get a ripstop camping hammock.

Ripstop Camping Hammock Durability

Ripstop Camping Hammocks have legendary durability.  They have been known to last for years and look like new even after punishing use.  The ripstop fabric is a tighter weave allowing less dirt to get into the fabric.

As dirt gets into a fabric, every time the nylon moves, the dirt makes small cuts in the threads, weakening the fabric.  The less porous the fabric, the less dirt can affect it.  The less dirt affects the fabric, the more durable it is.  Ripstop nylon is of higher quality than so-called parachute nylon and so it will last longer and be more durable.

Ripstop is More Lightweight

Ripstop Camping Hammocks are lighter than other types of nylon camping hammocks.  The ripstop fabric uses thinner, higher quality threads which means less weight.  A good ripstop camping hammock will usually weigh as much as a half pound to a pound less than low quality hammocks.

Ripstop camping hammocks usually come with higher quality accessories and this also means less weight.   Premier Outdoor Gear hammocks come with free hanging straps and wire gated aluminum carabiners.  These high quality accessories are lighter by another 8 ounces over chaep ropes or straps and steel hooks that cheaper alternatives use.  The cost is close to the same, meaning much better value.

Ripstop is More Comfortable

Ripstop Camping Hammocks are easily more comfortable than conventional nylon hammocks.  The “parachute” nylon used in cheap hammocks has low quality threads in the fabric. These low quality threads have ends that stick out of the fabric that makes them scratchy.  This same attribute makes the fabric feel hot. 

Ripstop nylon uses continuous threads with no exposed ends to make it feel scratchy.  Instead it feels smooth and cool in warm weather and insulates better in cool weather.  Ripstop also looks better, holds more vibrant colors and feels better to the touch.


There are a number of reasons to select a ripstop camping hammock over a regular camping hammock.  Ripstop is stronger, more durable, is lighter and more comfortable.  The material is superior to other types of fabrics due to better threads, a superior weave and the patterns in the fabric that stop tears.

Generally ripstop may cost a bit more, but it is a great value when you consider that you hammock will last longer, be more comfortable and stay looking great longer than cheaper alternatives.