Microfiber Camping Towels

Our Premium Microfiber Camping Towels outperform traditional cotton towels in every way! They are Fast Drying, Ultra Compact & Super Absorbent.

  • FAST DRYING – They absorb up to ten times the moisture per ounce of fabric that cotton does.
  • ULTRA COMPACT & LIGHT WEIGHT – They are lighter and pack up smaller than cotton.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL – keep your towel fresh and away from mildew & germ.

POG designs a number of features into our towels that few others do:

  • We include a hanging with snap for easy hanging to dry or attaching to your gear.
  • We include a mesh carrying bag to make carrying easy and allow drying while in the bag.
  • POG Camping Towels come in three sizes and three colors. Mix and match to suit your needs!
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Why choose Premier Outdoor Gear

With all the features of POG microfiber camping towel listed above, they are perfect for Sports, Travel, Hiking, camping, beach, backpacking & gym.POG designs a number of features into our camping towels that few others do.