POG Introduces the Springer Lightweight Camping Chair

POG Springer Lightweight Backpacking Camping Chair Montage Picture


The outdoor equipment industry is constantly enhancing and improving the products that are being released to consumers in order to create more enjoyable outdoor experiences. As the industry shifts, POG works to anticipate the demand and needs of their consumers by designing, testing and making available premium quality outdoor equipment for various activities. POG has been synonymous with durability, utility and comfort associated with their products. Those same attributes are also evident in their newest addition to the POG family, the lightweight camping chair. Camping chairs have been around for decades and used by campers all over the world.  However, POG took the classic camping chair and made it more lighter, more durable and more comfortable. The POG camping chair embodies a higher standard of quality in regards to outdoor equipment from the frame to the seating area, making it more efficient for the modern outdoor enthusiast. POG Springer Lightweight Camping Chairs are lightweight, compact, and extremely user friendly.
Manufactured with durable aluminum, these camping chairs have a foundation of 7075 grade anodized aluminum. This particular aluminum is what sets the POG Springer Camping Chairs apart from many other camping chairs in the outdoor equipment industry. 7075 grade aluminum is most commonly known for its use on the manufacturing of various aircraft. Aircraft manufacturers use this type of aluminum because of its durability, corrosion resistance and strength. POG, being founded by outdoor enthusiasts, work to provide their consumers with the absolute best products possible by using components like this to create outstanding equipment. Additionally, the 7075 grade aluminum is not only the most safe and durable option available, but it is also able to withstand all of nature’s elements with ease. This is why POG decided to utilize this component with their latest piece of outdoor equipment. There are so many great benefits to campers and outdoor enthusiast, based on the structure and manufacturing alone. The lightweight but incredibly strong 7075 grade aluminum that is used as the foundation for the POG Lightweight Camping Chair is both waterproof and rustproof, making the POG Springer Camping Chair ideal for various climates, terrains, and weather conditions.
The durable foundation is paired with a great seating component which is made of soft and comfortable advanced rip-stop and mesh nylon fabric which is as comfortable as it is long lasting. The seating area of the POG Springer Lightweight Camping Chair is manufactured to be both durable and forgiving which allows outdoor enthusiast to have a quality outdoor accessory with a comfort level that is reminiscent of home. POG also ensures that their camping chair is sturdy enough to handle nature’s various elements. Another coveted feature among consumers is the benefit of each chair holding up to 350lbs, thus making them useful to most everyone. All sizes, shapes, and heights of outdoor enthusiast are able to enjoy the comfort and efficiency of the POG Camping Chair through its ability to effectively seat practically all consumers with safety and efficiency.
Along with the durability and efficiency, that is a product of the quality manufacturing, the POG Springer Camping Chair is also extremely user friendly. There is a sleek low rise design that makes sitting easy for all ages and heights of outdoorsmen. The packability of the POG Camping Chair is made for adventure. Consumers who are planning an ultralight backpacking trip or simply have a strict weight management plan for their outdoor adventures fall in love with the way that this camping chair goes from expanded to compact in minutes. Weighing only 2.6lbs, this camping chair can be easily setup or folded and stored in a convenient carrying bag. The carrying bag comes with a carrying strap and webbing allowing securing to the outside of your pack. When packed, the POG Camping Chair occupies the amount of space equivalent to a single loaf of bread, making it easily taken along on any outdoor excursion.
The portability and packability only add to another overall benefit of the POG Camping Chair, which is its ability to provide stability in all terrain. The POG Camping Chair can be used in various areas from sandy terrain to the rough and rugged terrain of the forest. With all of these amazing benefits, it is no surprise that the POG Springer Camping Chair is in very high demand.

The POG Springer Lightweight Camping Chair continues POG’s tradition of naming products after our favorite peaks on the Appalachian Trail.  The Springer is named for Springer Mountain, a 3,782 foot peak that is the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia.  This the closest peak on the AT to our offices in Atlanta.