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Picturesque campsite in the snowy rockies

Outdoor activity is popular and physically and mentally enhancing. More and more people are taking longer trips in the great outdoors. One of the main accessories that enhance an outdoor adventure is a camping chair. Camping chairs are portable lightweight chairs that are easily stored and transported to campsites or other outdoor areas and used for comfortable seating. Outdoor enthusiasts utilize camping chairs for everything from admiring the sunset on the beach, to telling scary stories with friends and family around the campfire. Camping chairs can be purchased for a specific outdoor activity or used for many, depending on several factors. Luckily, POG manufactures premium quality camping chairs which can be used for a variety of different outdoor activities on practically any terrain. POG premium quality, lightweight camping chairs are durable, lightweight, and efficient for campers from expert outdoorsmen to first time outdoor adventurers. There are no worries about complicated or frustrating assembly. Your POG Springer Camping Chair can be setup or stored within minutes, and definitely enjoyed with ease.

Manufactured with anodized 7075 grade aluminum grade, the structure and foundation of the POG Camping Chair is what adds to its high quality. The aluminum used for all of the POG Camping Chairs is 7075 grade aluminum. This particular type of aluminum is most commonly used for the construction of aircraft. The level of durability and safety that is associated with such a high grade of aluminum is something that POG felt its consumers deserved when they choose to invest in a POG Springer Lightweight Camping Chair. This particular aluminum is both waterproof and rustproof, making it easy to sustain the harsh effects of nature’s elements. From snow to rain, the main component of the POG Lightweight Camping Chair is made to endure the effects of moisture and humidity in addition to offer natural elements and maintain its utility. The seating of the camping chair is made with equally sturdy material. There is a soft and breathable advanced rip-stop and soft mesh nylon that is used for the POG Camping Chair seating component which is durable, yet forgiving, in order to maintain the POG standard of comfort. This sturdy advanced rip-stop and mesh fabric can be machine washed for easy maintenance without losing its shape. The overall durability of the camping chair, with the heavy duty aluminum frame and long lasting seating area can hold a maximum of 350lbs, making this camping chair highly recommended to outdoor enthusiast of all ages and sizes.

Another major selling point and consumer favorite for the benefits of the POG Lightweight Camping Chair is its portability and packability. Although the camping chair is made from heavy duty aluminum and sturdy, comfortable seating, POG still ensured that the overall weight would still allow ultralight backpackers, hikers, and other outdoor adventurist to be able to carry or pack these amazing chairs to the desired location easily. Therefore, the well-crafted camping chairs weight a mere 2.6 pounds and can be folded and stored to occupy minimal space. Additionally, the camping chair comes equipped with a convenient carrying bag which makes toting the camping chair on short and long distances much easier. Additionally, the camping chair folded consumes only 14” of space in length and less that 4” in width, making the entire camping chair compact and secured. When in use the POG Camping Chair is 27” tall, which makes it easy to sit and stand from regardless of height. Also, the back rest of the camping chair is 14” tall, providing the necessary support for the portions of the back which need it most.

Therefore, all ages and sizes of outdoor enthusiast can enjoy the benefits of this well manufactured camping chair. POG understands that after a long and exciting day in nature, whether hiking, backpacking, kayaking, or simply camping a nice relaxing place to sit and admire the surroundings is detrimental to a great outdoor experience. The premium quality POG Springer Lightweight Camping Chair was created to bring dreams of comfort to life for countless trips to come. With so many options for camping chairs available, it can be tedious choosing the right one. POG ensures that you have all of the benefits, physical attributes, and weight requirements necessary to view the newest addition to the product line as another premium quality piece of equipment which will complete the outdoor adventure.