NEW: POG Thunderhead Lightweight Camping Hammock

Map of Thunderhead Mountain and Appalachian Trail

POG Thunderhead Best Double Camping Hammock

POG, one of the leading premium outdoor equipment suppliers, presents the latest and most innovative products to outdoor enthusiast community. The most recent addition to the POG product line is the Thunderhead Rip-Stop Camping Hammock. Although there are a variety of options for camping hammocks in the outdoor equipment industry, POG takes pride in their ability to set themselves apart from competitors by presenting products for outdoor enthusiasts, inspired by outdoor enthusiasts. Because the POG’s founders are outdoor enthusiasts themselves, they deeply understand the needs and wants of other adventurers and create products to specifically meet those needs, Meeting the expectation of consumers with user friendly equipment, which is light weight, and features attributes which enhance the overall efficiency of the product, POG is making quite a statement to the industry with all of their products. Now, POG has added to their array of outdoor equipment the double-size Rip-Stop Camping Hammock.

The premium quality POG Thunderhead Camping Hammock is expertly designed with the material and components for setup which display quality, durability, and comfort. This camping hammock is not just the average sleep system. Manufactured with 100% rip stop nylon, consumers can look forward to a very strong and long lasting hammock, and also a very comfortable and forgiving camping hammock  The hammock is double sized giving taller campers who prefer more space to adjust and reposition in their camping hammock what they need also giving others space to enjoy a second person to share the warmth of their hammock with. There is ample space and sufficient stability to accommodate all of the above needs. Outdoor enthusiasts can also expect to have an extremely comfortable sleep with the soft rip stop nylon material. Although a very durable material, this particular material is also easy on the skin for consumers who happen to camp during summer and wear shorts or short sleeved shirts.

Additionally, the POG Camping Hammock is very user friendly. All of the components necessary to setup the hammock successfully are included, along with easy to follow instructions. Therefore, it does not matter if the consumer is an expert camper or first time camper, the POG Thunderhead Camping Hammock can be setup in minimal time, with ease. The packaging includes the double size rip stop camping hammock, integrated compression stuff sack, 2 aluminum carabiners, and two 9ft-straps for an efficient and sturdy setup. In addition to there being minimal components to become familiar with, the entire sleep system is extremely easy to pack and store. For hiking or backpacking adventures the POG Camping Hammock breaks down to 6.75” in length and a 5”diameter, requiring minimal space compared to some other sleep systems on the market. Most importantly, the packing and storing process is just as easily completed as the setup process, adding to the overall ease of use. For campers who may find themselves needing an above ground sleep system option, or simply enjoy the feeling of a low maintenance, and easy to use camping hammock, POG definitely has you covered.

This innovation in size and setup of components are among the main factors that outdoor enthusiasts’ are raving about in regards to the POG Rip-Stop Camping Hammock. Also, portability of the POG Camping Hammock is enhanced by the convenience of being able to place it into the integrated compression stuff sack and reduce the overall space which the camping hammock will use. This is hands down an ultralight backpacker or hiker’s dream. Not to mention, when setup the POG Thunderhead Camping Hammock measures out at an astounding 9ft 4in long and 6ft 2in wide, rendering an impressive amount of space to campers. Also, the main attribute of  rip stop nylon is that its structure decreases the chances of extreme stretching which can often lead to rips and tears in the fabric, ruining the entire sleep system. The added measure of comfort and security which POG incorporated into this camping hammock is the triple stitching design. This camping hammock design features a unique interlocking method at the seams which reinforces the stretch and durability of the hammock itself. Thus, allowing outdoor enthusiast to move about within the camping hammock with the peace of mind, knowing that the design of this camping hammock caters to the safety and comfort of the consumer.

The POG Thunderhead Lightweight Hammock continues POG’s tradition of naming products after our favorite peaks on the Appalachian Trail.  The Thunderhead is named for Thunderhead Mountain, a 5,527 foot peak on the AT in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.