Folding Trekking Poles

lightweight carbon fiber trekking pole and hiking stick proper use

Every outdoor adventurer ensures that they are equipped with the proper equipment to
embark on an exciting adventure. Whether one is planning to explore new territory alone, or
admire the beauty of nature with friends and family acquiring the proper equipment is an
essential portion of having a pleasurable outdoor experience. Among the essentials for trekking
and hiking, choosing the proper trekking poles can be very advantageous to all outdoorsmen.

Trekking poles have several benefits; however the main aspect that is synonymous with
trekking poles is their ability to assist with enhancing weight management. Therefore, even if
one is adventuring with an ultralight load, after extended periods of time even the most light
weight item that you carry can begin to weigh you down or cause undue body strain if weight is
not evenly distributed. Trekking poles are the piece of outdoor equipment that allows trekkers
to maintain proper posture in various forms of terrain, thus keeping the weight of a pack evenly
positioned. Additionally, when not in use the Folding Trekking Poles by POG are easily stored
and extremely light weight. The components used to craft these premium quality trekking poles
only add to their durability factor and efficiency.

Manufactured with 100% carbon fiber the POG Folding Trekking Poles are built to last for many,
many outdoor adventures to come and also endure the elements of nature with ease. By using
only a single component for the composition of these premium quality trekking poles, POG
aims to provide the durability that outdoorsmen require without having to sacrifice comfort or
ultralight weight standards. When not in use, the POG Folding Trekking Poles weigh less than a
single pound combined. At an impressive 7.6 ounces per pole, outdoor adventurers are able to
use these premium quality trekking poles for extended periods of trekking without experiencing
undue fatigue which is often caused by heavy trekking poles that require more physical
strength to maneuver. Additionally, when not in use, this set of premium trekking poles by POG
can easily be packed away with no worries of feeling a significant weight difference in the
overall pack weight.

The folding feature of these POG trekking poles allow them to be easily reduced in size and not take up a significant amount of space as well. The expert design and user friendly features of the Folding Trekking Poles are intended to enhance the overall outdoor experience regardless of the terrain of the area to be explored, or the height and size of the consumer. Versatility and efficiency are a few of the main goals of all POG outdoor equipment. The level of comfort is a major factor in choosing a great piece of outdoor equipment as well. In addition to the ultralight weight, the storability, durability, and sleek design the Folding Trekking Poles by POG are manufactured for all consumers in a one size fits all͛ standard. These premium trekking poles are not only foldable but also adjustable. Therefore, if an entire family of all ages is planning to embark on a trekking or hiking adventure, the POG Folding Trekking Poles can be beneficial to everyone from child size to adult height. The ability to adjust the trekking poles to a desired length makes shopping for your next outdoor adventure a breeze.

Additionally, the same level of quality and durability will be available to all involved opposed to
having to shop for various brands or models to accommodate the various heights and
preferences of consumers. The eva foam and cork grip that is incorporated into the trekking
pole’s design adds to the comfort level as well as enhances efficiency. By effectively gripping the POG Folding Trekking Poles balance and weight management is enhanced, as well as overall enjoyment of nature increased by eliminating worry of encountering unusable terrain.
Unfamiliar terrain can easily be tested for depth without fear of losing grip of the trekking pole
in stubborn terrain types such as clay. Not to mention, both the cork and EVA foam grip
eliminate or reduce hand fatigue, which is a very common issue among trekkers and hikers.
POG prides themselves on providing outdoor equipment that is not only long lasting, light
weight, and efficient, but also beneficial to the user in eliminating or reducing physical issues
typically seen in outdoor activity. The POG Folding Trekking Poles are an essential set of
equipment to include in the exploration of nature in order to maintain the safety and comfort
necessary for a successful journey.