Camping Chair Overview

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Camping chairs are one of the essential items to complete a nice, comfortable outdoor experience. Camping chairs are available in various sizes and styles. There is a camping chair to fit everyone in a family from child size all the way up to a full grown adult. Camping chairs have been around for ages, yet they have been updated and innovated to match modern style and comfort trends. Because they are portable, easy to setup, and often very relaxing, camping chairs are a popular piece of equipment to accompany campers on their outdoor stay. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting by a camp fire, or watching the sun rise while sipping a hot cup of ‘joe’ in the comfort of a nice camping chair.

Camping chairs vary greatly in size and style. Additionally, camping chairs are classified in a couple different ways. The three general categories of camping chairs include: minimal, regular, and luxurious. All of the specific styles of camping chairs will fall under one of these three main categories. The material used to manufacture them, the features, and the price of these chairs will all reflect the category that they fall into. The style camping chair will either be the traditional style, the portable style, or the backpacking style. All of which also have different features which separates them.
Minimal camping chairs are simplistic and very easy to use. The two types of minimalist camping chairs are stools and folding seats. When considering backpacking, these two styles of camping chairs will be the easiest to add to your load.
The regular camping chairs consist of an easier method to carry, use, and store. These chairs are typically manufactured with aluminum legs, arm rests, and seat backs. They are much easier to tote and store because they include a handy carrying bag which has a convenient strap for holding. The regular camping chairs are commonly sold at most retailers, which means they are the easiest chair to find in a last minute shopping run for camping supplies.
The luxurious camping chairs are manufactured to be a high quality chair. These chairs are the equivalent of bringing your favorite living room chair with on an outdoor adventure. The luxurious type camping chair have impressive support and stability in addition to legs rests and other exceptional convenience features. Additional aspects such as reclining capability make these camping chairs more expensive than other types. However, you can look forward to a great chair for the cost paid.

In addition to the three main types of camping chairs, there are also three main styles that camping chairs can be classified as. The traditional style, portable style, and backpacking style chairs all have their own individual benefits. Let’s take a look at each style in greater depth.
Traditional Style Camp Chairs
The traditional style camp chairs are manufactured for support. Although these chairs feature a better back support component and tend to sit much higher off of the ground than other models of camping chairs, these chairs carry more weight. These camping chairs are often used for car camps where toting them a short distance will not be an issue. However they are not recommended for backpacking or hiking. Additionally, these chairs provide more sitting space, which also means that they are larger in size. If the area in which you intend to use the traditional style chair is relatively small, you may want to consider another option.
Portable Camp Chairs
Portable camp chairs have almost all of the opposite features of the traditional chair. These camp chairs are extremely light weight, easy to carry, and are much smaller in size. Although they sit lower to the ground due to the way that they are manufactured these chairs are comfortable and easily packed and stored. The portable chair is ideal for backpackers, hikers, and outdoorsmen who are intending to carry their camp chair in their load.
Backpacking Chairs
Backpacking camp chairs are specifically designed for the easy addition to the load of a long hike or lengthy backpacking journey. Not only are these style chairs easily packed but they are also a lighter weight than the other style chairs. They provide sufficient comfort and are very well manufactured.

Choosing a camping chair depends on where you plan to use it, who will be using it, and the type of manufacturing that best accommodates the comfort and safety of the consumer.
The needs of the trip are the first consideration for choosing your camping chair. How the chair will be used, how you intend to reach the desired camp site, whether it be car camping or backing is very important. These questions will assist in narrowing down the style and size choices. If you will be camping in adverse conditions like rain or snow, a camp chair that made of a moisture friendly material should be considered.
The ability to safely and easily carry the camp chair of your choice is important as well. You should not sacrifice comfort for a lighter weight chair. Therefore, compare the features of the various camp chairs in order to choose the chair with the lightest weight but considerable comfort level.
The materials used to manufacture camp chairs play a huge part in its durability, weight, and longevity. The elements used to create the structure of the chair are a factor to consider, as well as the standard convenience features, and overall size. All of these things play a part in what would best benefit you on your specific outdoor adventure. The manufacturing of your camp chair should make it equipped for whatever length of time, weather conditions, terrain, or packing method that you will face.

Not every camping chair is a plain, fold out chair, with no additional eye appeal. Many camping chairs come equipped with additional features that makes the chair more practical. Here are a few features that enhance the standard camping chair, and transform it into a multipurpose piece of equipment.
Cup holders
Arm rests
Extended pads