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Camping and Trekking Gear Overview

Campsite at night with moon, tents, camping chairs and trekking poles

From finding a safe place to rest after a long adventurous mountaineering adventure, to spending a cozy night under the moonlight with family, no camping experience will be the same without the proper tent. Tents not only protect campers from the elements of nature, but also completes the outdoor experience in a way nothing else can. With so many styles, sizes, and design features available in the modern tent, most avid outdoorsmen own several different tents in order to accommodate various needs. Tents are age old equipment with modern convenience features to bring the comfort of home to every outdoor adventure.


Many people prefer a lightweight camping hammock to a tent when in the woods.  Camping hammocks are lightweight and comfortable and a must in wet environments.  Camping hammocks are available in a variety of styles and colors and so there is most certainly one out there for you.

The warm, cozy, secure feeling of being a well crafted sleeping bag after a long day of exploring the outdoors can give an amazingly comfortable feeling. The proper sleeping bag can provide insulation to maintain warmth during the winter. Or, alternatively provide protection from pesky insects and maintain a nice breathable enclosure during warm summer nights. Sleeping bags are a necessary component of camping. Sleeping bags are available in so many different style and design options, the added features only enhance an already essential camping item. Without a sleeping bag, your outdoor experience definitely will not be the same.

Even the most experienced outdoorsman, who had fallen in love with nature does not look forward to lying on a rough, rocky, unforgiving ground floor after a long day of outdoor activity. Therefore, sleeping pads were created to turn what could be a lumpy nights rest, into a plush night sleep. Sleeping pads are used in combination with sleeping bags to add insulation, comfort, and protection from the elements of nature that tend to hinder a peaceful nights sleep. Although sleeping pads are a simplistically designed piece of camping equipment, they often have complex manufacturing in order to provide campers the best quality rest.

Nothing makes a newly conquered area of the outdoors feel more like an accomplishment than the ability to relax and enjoy a tasty hot meal in celebration. Camp stoves are the most efficient modern innovation in camping equipment that allows one of the comforts of home be utilized on an outdoor adventure. Whether your outdoor excursion takes place during the winter, where hot soup can be easily prepared, or welcoming a warm summer morning with a hot nutritious breakfast. Having a camp stove will provide the warm snack or well balanced meal needed to fuel campers for any outdoor activity.

The best camping trip in the world will not be complete without the proper cookware to compliment a well crafted camp stove. Camping cookware is available in various manufacturing elements in order to provide a convenient way to prepare a meal in any outdoor setting, nature element, or packing restriction. Camping cookware is an essential piece of equipment to have when tackling the harsh and unpredictable out doors. Camping cookware is available in the full sets needed to accommodate an entire family, or single portion pieces to accommodate a single hiker’s adventurous outdoor experience.

Backpacks are an outdoorsman equivalent of a quality 7-piece luggage set. The modern innovations that have been incorporated in backpacks not only provide versatility, comfort, and style. The backpack options available have the breathability technology, and storage space to allow no necessary equipment to be left behind. More importantly, because backpacks are manufactured to more evenly distribute the weight of a load, all of your essentials and accessories can accompany you on any journey with ease. From trekking poles to laptops, anything that you need on a journey can conveniently and safely fit into the right backpack, while never compromising style.

The most convenient way to illuminate the path ahead of you on an night time journey without compromising the use of your hands is a headlamp. Headlamps fit snugly onto your head to provide a clear view ahead of you, regardless of which direction you choose to look. Headlamps are an essential component to climbing, cycling, running, or hiking when visibility is compromised by the various weather elements. Or, if you simply love the uncertainty of night time adventures, a headlamp will become your biggest asset in protection from the unknown. Headlamps are equipped with the durability and comfort that is needed to conquer anything.

After hiking, mountaineering, snowboarding, or backpacking a comfortable camping chair is an essential component to a nice outdoor evening. Camping chairs have become the epitome of comfort in regards to outdoor relaxation with their well crafted manufacturing and variation of styles and uses. Campaign chairs that once only served one purpose, now have the innovation to recline, hold beverages, and better support the areas of the body that go through the most rigorous activity while on outdoor adventures. Additionally, the modern innovations to camping chairs make them more easily packable and easy to use. No camping trip is complete without the proper camping chair.

Water bottles have come a long way from the plain old fashioned plastic that once was. Modern water bottles for camping are available in various composition types, from plastic, to protected glass to avoid breakage from impact, and even stainless steel which has the added bonus of being a multipurpose water bottle. Water bottles allow campers to have sufficient hydration readily available regardless of the outdoor activity that they are participation in. Water bottles range in style and packability as well. Thus, being an asset to your load as you plan the necessary equipment. Your ideal water bottle can be easily stored and easy accessed.

Sunglasses are vital when the beautiful rays of sun grace your eyes in the midst of a morning hike and attempt to deter your vision. Sunglasses have several attributes that contribute to the various outdoor activities which take place during the day. From the frames to the lenses, the lens color, and manufacturing which enable the ideal sunglasses to maintain their position on the face during rigorous activity. Sunglasses have always been an essential component to outdoor activity. However, modern innovations have allowed sunglasses to be even more important to a safe and comfortable outdoor adventure.


Stuff sacks were created help better organize a campers items. Specifically, items that are easily misplaced, lost, or left behind can easily be stored in a easy to access and convenient stuff sack. Stuff sacks are available in various sizes but fit neatly into backpacks for convenient access to the smaller items that may be needed along your journey. The style and color options available for stuff sacks are numerous in order to meet the needs of a wide variety of campers. Additionally, the durability level of a stuff sack, and quality of manufacturing is universal. A well maintained stuff sack will provide additional organization for years to come.

When enjoying the warm outdoors, the proper sandals will protect your feet from hot sand and other elements like rocks and debris that could cause injury. Sandals are available in various styles, sizes, and colors to fit everyone in your family and accommodate their personal style while actually ensuring a level of safety as well. Sandals are not a new essential item. Although sandals have been around for many years, the innovation of the comfort which the modern styles embody is impressive. No outdoor event on a hot summer day is complete without the right sandals to protect feet and ensure consistent comfort.

Hiking footwear makes trekking through newly explored territory feel like a walk on the clouds. Hiking footwear not only provides a level of comfort on various types of terrain and during outdoor activity, but hiking footwear is manufactured to protect the most essential part of hiking, your feet. No more worries about blisters or painful soles of the feet with the proper hiking footwear included your hiking gear. Additionally, hiking footwear has been innovated to fit more accurately into backpacks and other storage compartments. With so many options as far as style, size, and comfort level the right footwear is only a few steps away.

Hiking boots without the proper hiking socks is like parachuting with no parachute. The two go hand in and combined provide the comfort and foot protection necessary to enjoy various outdoor experiences. Hiking socks are manufactured to absorb moisture, provide an additional level of comfort, and during colder outdoor activities these socks also increase insulation from the cold. With the various options in regards to style, color, and material no hiker can go wrong with the right pair of hiking socks to complement their essential gear. The comfort of the material against your feet while conquering rough terrain will have your feet thanking you.

An outdoor adventure or exciting excursion into the wilderness is not the same without a hiking baselayer. Base layers are very important to the overall hiking experience and the level of comfort that all hikers and outdoorsmen seek to have. Hiking base layers provide an added level of insulation or sweat protection to hiking attire. By drying very quickly and and resisting odors, hiking baselayers make a hot and rugged trip,  a cool clean experience under all of the hiking attire. These innovative pieces of gear conveniently transport moisture away from the body keeping you comfortable and dry during the most strenuous physical activity outdoors.

Without the proper hydration any outdoor activity or adventure will not only leave you more exhausted, but it is extremely ill from dehydration. Therefore, hydration gear and resources are an essential portion of a safe and happy outdoor experience. With better features and more packability options for hydration while out in the wilderness, campers have more flexibility in choosing their hydration equipment. Most importantly the options available cater to a variety of outdoor adventures, various methods of storing, and more convenient methods of carrying. Safety in an outdoor excursion begins and ends with the proper hydration tools and ease of access to water when you need it most.

When exposed to the unknown of the outdoors, with various terrain, brush, and the responsibility of being well equipped for almost anything you can not be accurately prepare without the proper knife in easy access. A knife is an essential piece of equipment to have on any journey. They serve many purposes in regards to hiking, as they can be used to clear brush that blocks a path. Or, the right knife with the proper blade can assist in breaking down meat from hunting. Additionally, because knives are so versatile and of multipurpose use they are the one piece of hunting equipment that no outdoorsman can substitute. The right knife gives the ability to conquer tasks that would not be possible with the strongest of hands.

Because the head is the main area of the body where heat often escapes during the winter and frigid temperatures of the outdoors, a hiking beanie is a must-have on any journey with cooler temperatures. Hiking beanies are made for comfort, warmth, and a long lasting ability of protecting the head. Hiking beanies are available in various styles and color options. Therefore no member of the family has to be excluded from enjoying the warming effect of a beanie when the unforgiving cold begins to take over a hiking trip. Beanies are an easy to pack, easy to clean accessory that can keep hikers at 100% health by maintaining the proper body heat to endure nature’s elements.

Insulating midlayers are a stylish and practical way to remain warm in the coldest of temperatures. These well constructed articles of clothing can be worn between layers of outer ware and underwear in order to maintain proper insulation from the cold and preserve body heat. No winter outdoorsman can leave the comfort of their home for an adventure without a insulating midlayer. With versatility, comfort, and warmth all bundled up together, you can conquer any mountain or trail with the coldest of weather and wind with the proper insulating midlayer. Protect your body from the elements and preserve your natural body heat with an essential insulating midlayer.

With a technical jacket no form of adverse weather conditions, no amount of brisk wind, and no temperature drop can penetrate through to your body. These jackets are manufactured to withstand the most harsh and unforgiving weather in order to preserve the journey that you choose to embark upon. They are available in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to illustrate your personal style with an essential outdoor item. Modern innovation of the technical jacket allows an increased level of comfort in the midst of several layers of clothing. Your body will thank you for the additional warmth of a technical jacket when the winds of a mountain test your ability to adapt to the cold.

Guide books are the outdoorsman’s Classic GPS. A guide book will provide the information that is necessary to complete a journey when there are no cell phone signals available and no wi-fi to connect to. Guide books are popular among avid hikers and backpackers as well as climbers to seek out adventure and find excitement in exploring in a traditional manner that forces innate judgement to conquer new lands. A guide book is one’s best friend in the unknown world of the wilderness. There is an abundance of advice and information that can be found in a guide book that can prevent an outdoorsman from entering into the wrong areas or treading unwelcoming terrain. The proper guide book could save your life, literally.

In the beautiful outdoors there are no hanging clocks as you go through your exciting journey. Additionally, there are more innovative watches that are available that will provide hikers, campers, and backpackers much more than standard time. Modern watches can feature many additional tools that come in handy when exploring the wilderness, such as compasses, temperature readings, distance measurements, and more. A watch with the proper features could navigate you safely through any location, with any terrain, and still have the capability to let you know when supper time begins. All of the watches intended for outdoor use are very durable and reliable. Therefore, you don’t have the time to leave home without it.

Trekking poles serve many uses while hiking, climbing, and exploring. Now available in many different styles and features, a trekking pole does more than add stability to a journey. The modern innovations of the trekking pole now allow features such as adding a camera to the trekking pole, allowing photographers to capture priceless moment of the wild without missing a step on their path. Additionally, the accessories that accompany trekking poles make snowshoeing, mountaineering, and winter hiking much more convenient. Your stability, weight management, and safety depend on having the proper trekking pole. Don’t let your body down and embark on an adventure without them.

When you are in the midst of outdoors with no cell phone or television to alert you of specific hazards or extreme weather conditions, as an outdoorsman a compact emergency radio becomes your best line of support. These small but effective radios will alert hiker, mountaineers, and backpackers of any important alert or update from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA. In the event that one finds themselves in the wilderness and an crisis was to arise, this compact emergency radio would immediately activate and relay important information. This is definitely one piece of outdoor equipment that you cold not afford to leave home without.