POG Introduces the Best Camping Chairs Yet

Take a Seat, Anywhere.

POG’s Best Backpacking Chairs are the right lightweight camp chairs for backpacking, camping, hiking or any outdoor adventure including the beach. Whether you’re gearing up to tailgate the big game or relaxing camp-side, POG’s Backpack Camping Chairs will keep you comfortable in the great outdoors. So the next time you have an outing planned, bring POG along for the ultimate in a comfortable, lightweight camp chair.

Weight: 1 lb. 14.6 oz.
Frame Construction Hard Anodized Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Seat Material Ripstop nylon
Unfolded Dimensions 26.2H x 20.8W x 14 inches
Stuff Sack: 4.5 x 15 inches
Seat Height: 14 inches
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Package Includes:
  • Folding Camp Chair
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Lightweight Stuff Sack

If you are looking for ultra-light and compact travel, this chair is a nice addition to your backpacking, hiking or camping gear. Even day hikers find it is a great addition, allowing a relaxing seat at your favorite destination.  The ideal choice for the camper, backpacker, hiker, kayaker, tailgater, concertgoer and adventurer.

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Compact, Folding, Backpack & Camping Chair

Learn what makes the POG lightweight camping and backpacking chair different.  POG offers how to videos and full product demonstrations so there will be no surprise in what you receive and how it will perform.


Discover our Lightest, Strongest Camping Chair


Hike Further In More Comfort


POG has developed the highest quality compact, lightweight, yet strong camp chairs. Our folding chairs offer an unmatched combination of features and strength with minimal weight. Our best bacpacking chair is the best choice for backpackers and ultra-light campers.



POGs Lightest and Most Compact Chair for Hiking, Camping and the Beach.

Weighing under 2 pounds, the POG Springer Lightweight Camp Chair is a revolution in ultra light comfort for backpackers, hikers, backpackers and outdoor adventurers. If you are an ultra-light camper watching every gram, then the POG Springer Ligtweight Camping Chair is for you. We use strong and light 7075 aluminum and ripstop nylon and mesh to drop the weight and increase the strength and durability. Travel in comfort wherever you go with our compact, lightweight chair.

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POG Camping Chair Reviews

Why Choose POG Hiking Poles
Here At POG, Your Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal!

Why POG Camping Chairs?

Premier Outdoor Gear researches and develops products to meet your needs. We then engineer them to deliver strength, durability, ease of use and lastly aesthetic appeal so you will have a product you will use and love for years.
  • We offer competitive price while delivering high quality portable chair.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Our satisfied customers are our best advertisement.
  • We have both hammocks in stock and ready to ship.
  • Secure ordering with flexible payment options.
  • We partner with national fulfillment centers to deliver your order.
  • Our support staff Is understanding, efficient and knowledgeable.
Folding Compact Camp Chair

How to Set Up POG Camping Chair

If you want a lightweight, compact chair that gives you the maximum comfort, the POG Chair is the best backpacking chair available. Our video will show you just how easy it is to set the chair up.


We are sure you have questions. Our experts deliver the answers.

Do I Need a Camp Chair?

Most people get a camp chair because they want a comfortable seat after a long day of trekking, paddling or riding.  People also tire of lugging heavier folding camping chairs and desire a compact backpacking camp chair.  If you need something light and compact to take with you on the go, then a camp chair like POGs Lightweight Camp Chairs will be your best option.

How Hard is your Lightweight Portable Chair to Assemble?

The POG Springer Lightweight Camping Chair is easy to set up.  This compact backpacking chair takes less than a minute to assemble.  This camp cahir is so simple a child can can set it up.  The camp chair stows in its compact storage bag just as easily.  Watch our short video on setting up the chair: VIDEO LINK.

How Much Does the POG Ultralight Camp Chair Weigh?

The POG Springer Lightweight Camp Chair chair weighs 1.9 pounds total, with carrying bag.  Don’t let the ultralight weight fool you.  The POG Lightweight Camp Chair is a heavyweight – durable with a capacity for 300 pounds.

Aren’t Most Camping Chairs Bulky and Heavy?

Some camp chairs can weigh a great deal and be very cumbersome to carry.  Lightweight and compact camp chairs that are easy to carry and set up can be very comfortable.  There is no need to compromise your comfort by carrying a large and bulky chair when easy to carry lightweight options are available.

What If I Do Not Like My Portable Outdoor Chair?

POG offers a thirty day money back guarantee on all of our camping chairs, just like we do on all of our products.  We are so sure you will love our best camping chair that if you don’t love it, return the camping chair within thirty days and receive your money back!

Can I Use This as a Portable Beach Chair?

POG encourages you to use our compact camping chairs in any environment that you need a lightweight, portable chair.  The non-sink feet work great at the beach and you can often carry three or more of our compact camp chairs in the space that one regular portable beach chair would take.

Does POG Warranty their Lightweight Camping Chairs?

In addition to our thirty day unconditional guarantee, POG offers a lifetime warranty against defectson the backpacking chairs we sell. We enjoy a great reputation for keeping our customers happy and coming back to us and we do that by keeping them happy with our products.

Are Lightweight Backpacking Chairs Durable?

Lightweight backpacking chairs may look like they cannot handle long term use, but through intelligent design and use of great materials like ripstop nylon and hard anodized aircraft grade 7075 aluminum, our foldable camping chairs can handle 150 times their own weight!  They are also designed to last and they may very well be the last ultralight backpacking chair you ever buy.

Can I Use Portable Camp Chairs for Things Other Than Camping?

Of course you can! Your imagination is the limit.  Lightweight portable chairs are great for the beach, sporting events, festivals or any other events where you would like to have a comfortable chair and want it to be compact. I used my best camping chair last week to wait in line for tickets to a concert.

What are the Dimensions of the Chair Folded?

Once taken down and stowed in its convenient carrying bag, the POG Springer Lightweight Camp Chair is only 20 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. Easily stowed in a go-bag or day pack.  Three POG lightweight backpacking chairs can be stowed in the space it takes for one portable beach chair!

I have lost the feet to my chair, how do I get replacement feet for the chair?

Yes, please contact us at [email protected]


Buy a POG Backpacking Chair Today

POG’s top rated  Lightweight Camp Chairs are an excellent combination of comfort, ultralight weight and durability. If your activities require low weight, portability and ease of use, then POG’s Lightweight Camp Chairs are the chair for you.
Simply. The. Best.

Premier Outdoor Gear's Best Camping Chair

POG makes it simple, easy, lightweight AND affordable to relax in the outdoors

A long day of trekking or adventuring deserves a good relaxing rest. There is no better way to relax and rest than in POG Lightweight Camp Chair. POG has combined intelligent design with rugged engineering to give you a chair that is lighter than most and as tough as any other. You will find more expensive compact camping chairs on the market, but none better than the POG Lightweight Camp Chair.

POG’s strong simple portable chair design uses premium materials; ripstop nylon fabric, reinforced tough nylon junctions, 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, and tear-proof gusseted connection points. The lightweight backpacking chair from POG is ideal for any activity such as picnicking, fishing, outdoor festivals, camping, hiking, beach going, sporting events, and more. The POG lightweight folding camp chair will serve your relaxing needs whether in the backyard with friends, camping in the high country, chilling at the beach or attending your kids soccer game. The POG Lightweight Portable Chair gives you durable  comfort that is compact, portable and light enough to take almost anywhere.

Outdoors now equals comfort with POG’s Best Camp Chair. Premier Outdoor Gear products are designed to make it easy to be comfortable outdoors. POG’s innovative compact foldable outdoor chairs offer quality, durability and ease of use—all things our customers have come to rely on.

POG’s Lightweight Camp Chair is so light & compact it will leave plenty of room in your pack for your normal carry items. Our camp chair is the perfect seta at the end of a long satisfying hike.
No worries about comfortable seating at sporting events, festivals, parades or gatherings. The POG Lightweight Camp Chair is easy to carry, easy to set up and will provide a great seat to watch from. It stows as easily as it sets up so moving for a better view is never a problem.
The POG Lightweight Camp Chair is a great beach companion. The hard anodized aluminum is corrosion resistant, so you can have a seat and watch the waves roll in on your favorite beach with no worries.
Patience is one of the chief things needed for a successful day of fishing. Patience is easy with a comfortable and relaxing place to sit while you wait for the fish to bite. Make your good day fishing great with our camp chair.
How to Choose the Best Backpacking Camping Chair

Camping Chair Selection Guide

To find the best chair, there are a number of things to consider. Here are a few pointers on the technical aspects of chair selection.
What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 1: Which type of Chair is Right for You?

Traditional-Style Camp Chairs
Traditional style portable camp chairs are best when weight, size and portability are no issue. These chairs are somewhat like portable folding beach chairs. The benefits are they are roomy and comfortable and quick and easy to set up. These folding camp chairs also usually have features like high backs, cup holders, arms and sometimes even footrests and umbrellas! These folding camp chairs usually come with a storage bag with a strap or the chair itself has a strap attached. There are even chairs that have backpack like straps to make them easier to carry and offer storage space as well. The downside is they are bulky and heavy and sometimes the materials used are susceptible to rust and corrosion. Most traditional chairs weigh from 5 to 14 pounds and typically fold down to no less than 36 inches by 9 inches in diameter. The traditional folding camp chair is best used when car camping, for trips to the beach where you have access to a beach cart or other types of outings where a car or a wagon is used to carry supplies.

Portable Camp Chairs
Portable camp chairs are lighter, smaller, sit lower to the ground and can take a bit more time to set up. They are less comfortable than a traditional folding camping chair and may be less stable. The portable camp chair is ideal when you will be carrying the chair for longer periods of time. The ultra-light weight chairs can weigh as little as 2 pounds and easily fit in a day pack. The POG Lightweight Camp Chair is a great example of a portable camp chair. The POG camp chair is light, made of the best materials (7075 hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum frame, ripstop nylon and nylon mesh) and priced for budget minded hikers and backpackers. One will not have to compromise on quality, durability nor strength with this portable camp chair.

Backpacking Chairs
When carrying a chair for miles, you want the lightest weight and also the most compact chair that will still meet your needs for comfort, durability and stability. Some lightweight backpacking chairs are simply a lightweight fabric sling with straps to support the back. Others have inflatable seat pads. The problem with this type of folding camp chair is they seat you on the ground and if the ground is wet, the chair will get wet and this cna make the chairs quite heavy, depending on how much water it absorbs. The best lightweight backpacking chairs usually are aluminum framed, nylon sling style chairs, like the POG Lightweight Camp Chair. These chairs usually come with a carrying sack that can either stow in the pack or be strapped to the outside. Most backpacking chairs weigh in the range of 1.4 to 2.6 pounds. There is usually a tradeoff between weight and comfort, so make the best weight/comfort tradeoff for your needs.

I have come to strongly believe that compact camp chairs make any outing better to the degree that I consider them a necessity. They can provide a comfortable place to sit when using your backpacking stove, a relaxing seat by the campfire or a great place for a long break during a hike. You can find lightweight backpacking chairs online to meet your needs and budget.

Most portable camping chairs seating surfaces are made of polyester or nylon material that is soft, flexible and supportive as well as durable. Some use mesh  that helps you stay cool in the summer heat. These manmade materials stand up well in the outdoors and are lighter and more durable than the cotton canvas used by our parents.

If you go with a traditional folding camp chair, you can have all kinds of features, like cup holders, extra storage, small tables and headrests and foot rests. There are even love seat models that resemble a sofa. Even the largest, heaviest and bulkiest of portable camp chairs are easily transported for short distances and usually have a carry bag with straps.

What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 2: Weight

As with most things, with backpacking chairs the report tradeoffs involved in finding the right chair for you. Oftentimes the lightest chairs are not always the most stable nor the most comfortable. You will find that the lightest weight chairs are usually made of the highest quality material. The lightest chairs are also usually more expensive options. Backpackers will tend to want the lightest weight chair possible.

Modern backpackers, particularly ultralight backpackers seek out extremely lightweight gear. There are compromises with light weight, however most find the tradeoff is worth it. Where backpackers are not willing to compromise is on strength and durability. Few backpackers are willing to spend and a carrying a chair that when they reach camp will fail to provide the comfort they are expecting.

Backpackers also want a chair that sets up quickly and easily. They’re not interested in spending their first 30 minutes in camp struggling with a chair that is difficult to set up. The best option would be a chair with a simple shock-cord frame, and durable nylon seating surface that sets over the frame much like a hammock.

While most backpackers will agree that a camp chair is not completely necessary, They will also tell you that it’s nice to have somewhere to sit other than a rock or log but the end of a long day of hiking or trekking. There are many high quality chairs on the market today that weight less than 2 ½ pounds. While one can spend as much as $150, you will find high quality, lightweight chairs for the less than $50.00.

What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 3: Total Space of Packed Chair

A lightweight chair will do you no good if it is bulky and will not fit inside your pack or easily attach to the outside of it. It is important that a chair stow into a compact package when not in use. Though generally larger, bulky chairs are more comfortable, they are difficult to stow on long hikes.

The chair one would take car camping is generally not going to be a good choice for backpacking. Though the car camping chair might be the most comfortable and would be welcomed at the end of a long hike, carrying it would end up being a huge task. One last thing to look for is a carrying strap on the chair bag that will make it easy to attach to your backpack.

What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 4: Comfort

Let’s face it, if he made the decision to take a chair on your backpacking trip it is because you were willing give up some comfort on the trail for comfort in camp. 2 to 4 pounds can be a big deal on a 20 mile day. However, to some it is definitely worth the weight for a comfortable seat in camp at the end of the day.

This means that if you want to take a chair with you, it needs to be comfortable. Otherwise you may as well just find a rock or a rock to sit on. Things that may affect the comfort of a backpacking chair would include the size when set up, the seating material, the height of the chair off the ground and the slant of the chair back.

While there are tradeoffs between comfort and weight and compactness, one can usually find a good balance that meets their needs. With the large assortment of camp chairs on the market today, there is a match for your budget that meets your individual needs.

What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 5: Ease Of Setup

There are many different types of chairs. Some are very simple, while others are much more complex. Most backpackers prefer a chair that is simple and easy to setup. The lightweight chair that we like the most is very simple and easy to setup.

Many lightweight backpacking chairs have shock cord aluminum frames. These frames basically put themselves together, all you need to do is shake them a bit and they come together. Once the frame is together, you simply stretch the seating surface over the frame and you are done.

Lastly, you want a chair that easily stows when you are ready to break camp. The chair should be simple to put away and not cause frustration when packing it. You also do not want a chair with a lot of small parts that can be lost. It is terrible to have a piece of equipment become unusable because a part is missing.

What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 6: Stability

The stability of the chair is very important. The last thing you want is a chair that’s not going to sit up straight and where you are off balance. You need to consider where you’re going to use the chair. Are you headed to the mountains, the beach or to your local park? Each of these locations will have different considerations.

Remember, stability will impact your comfort. It is difficult to relax when you feel like you might fall over. We had used a number of different chairs in number of different situations and have found that lightweight camp chairs do an excellent job of maintaining stability.

Chairs that have a sufficiently wide base are usually stable in a variety of situations. They allow you to relax and not worry about falling over while seated. A wide base can overcome most uneven terrain without problem. When shopping for chairs, look for a chair with a base that will meet your needs.

What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 7: Chair Weight Limitation

You should pay close attention to the weight limit of the chair you are considering purchasing. Make sure that the chair you are buying will easily support your weight or the weight of any planning to use it. The last thing you want is a chair that someone cannot use because it is not rated to hold their weight. I recommend shopping for a weight limit 25 to 30 pounds over your weight so you have some margin.

What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 8: Seating Material Fabric

You want the seating material for your chair to be durable so that you can be sure your backpacking chair will last. You also may want the fabric to have in number of other properties as well. Properties you may consider are: waterproof flame retardant, washable, mildew resistant, stretch resistant and tear resistant.

We have found that flame retardant Rip-Stop nylon is an excellent seating surface. One may also consider nylon mesh as this is breathable and will help keep you cool on hot summer days. Remember, if the chair is designed well it may last the rest of your life. Making good choices in your purchase will pay off in the long run.

What You Should Consider in Your Backpacking Chair Decision

Step 9: Frame Material

Backpacking chairs usually combine strength with light weight. This calls for intelligent design and wise use of materials. The best compact and lightweight backpacking chairs use aluminum for poles and nylon on the joints. Aluminum is corrosion resistant, especially if it has been anodized.

We prefer 7075 Hard Anodized Aircraft aluminum for poles. This combined with tough nylon at the joints combines to deliver a chair that is light and tough at the same time. While steel and ABS frames are cheaper, they are heavier and you should expect the ABS to become brittle and crack over time, while nylon maintains its properties over a longer period of time.

I hope our buying guide has helped you learn about what is available and what might best suit your needs. Remember that an informed consumer usually gets the best value in their purchase. When you make your lightweight backpacking chair investment, keep your needs and wants in mind.

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