The Best Lightweight Backpacking Hammocks are the Next Big Thing

Best Lightweight Backpacking Hammock


The Best Lightweight Backpacking Hammocks have been around quite a while.  There is good reason for that, they have proven durable and dependable in a variety of camping situations.  They provide comfort, keep you up off the hard, cold and sometimes damp ground and are lightweight.

Ease of use is also important.  Lightweight backpacking hammocks are easy to set up, take down and maintain.  There are few pieces of backpacking equipment that can make this claim. As with any piece of equipment, if you care for it, it may well last forever.

You will appreciate all the benefits of a lightweight backpacking hammock on all of your backpacking trips and even while trekking in the woods for a day.  You can stop and quickly set up your hammock and relax in the outdoors.  Adventures are much more fun when you are comfortable.

Best Lightweight Backpacking Hammocks Durability

When asked, backpackers usually cite durability as their number one consideration when looking at gear.  The quality of a hammock is essential for its use in the woods.  The best lightweight backing hammocks are made using ripstop nylon rather than cheap polyester.  It is easy to spot ripstop nylon by its distinctive diamond pattern.

Best Lightweight Backpacking Hammock Details
POGs Best Lightweight Camping Hammock


The best lightweight backpacking hammocks are also triple stitched for durability.  Triple stitching is stronger than regular stitching and can tolerate a failure of two of the seams and still hold.  It is easy to spot triple stitching, as the seams are usually exposed and easy to see.

A detail many ignore when looking for the best lightweight backpacking hammocks is the gathers at either end.  Most cheap hammocks use polyester rope that is knotted to hold it together.  Most of these knots will come loose and drop you on the ground at some point. Great hammocks use nylon climbing webbing for gathers.  Look for this high quality detail when deciding on a hammock.

Hammock Comfort

We mentioned ripstop nylon and its superior durability.  Ripstop nylon is also much more comfortable than cheap materials.  It is smooth to the touch – almost like a satin sheet.  It also is cool on hot days.  Ripstop nylon will give without stretching, resulting in a hammock that does not sag under use.

The best lightweight camping hammocks provide accessories that will enhance comfort.  Things like tree straps and wire gated aluminum carabiners make the overall experience great.  When backpacking you will want to end the day with a relaxing sleep so you can wake up ready to continue the trip the next day.

Camping hammocks keep you up off the ground, and in damp conditions, that is a real benefit.  With double hammocks, you can even keep your gear up off the ground and dry.  Tree straps can also be used for hanging damp clothes to dry.

Best Lightweight Backpacking Hammocks Ease of Use

The best lightweight backpacking hammocks are easy to use.  The best come fully equipped with accessories. Accessories include tree friendly hanging straps and lightweight and durable wire gated aluminum carabiners.  These accessories make the best lightweight camping hammocks easy to use.

Tree friendly hanging straps will allow the quick set up of your hammock.  They also protect trees by spreading the load over a bigger area preventing damage to the bark of the tree.  Cuts in the bark of a tree can lead to disease in the tree.

Wire gated aluminum carabiners make pitching the best lightweight backpacking hammocks a breeze.  Cheaper hammocks use heavy steel hooks that can cut and rip the straps and hammock fabric.  You can set your hammock up in seconds using high quality carabiners.


When you are headed on a great adventure, you need high quality, durable gear.  The best lightweight camping hammocks will not let you down and keep you dry and comfortable for years to come.