Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles Have Benefits That Make Them a Must Buy

Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles River Scenery


Carbon fiber hiking poles are one of the most advantageous pieces of gear any avid hiker can purchase. The most obvious benefit is the effect they have on one’s joints. This is because trekking poles take strain off your legs and distribute some of the burden onto your shoulders and arms. They also help preserve your joints while using your muscles more effectively. Trekking poles come with adjustable lengths, so the user can easily change the height depending on the terrain.

When to Adjust Your Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles

Typically shortening the pole when going uphill and lengthening it while descending is the proper way to adjust it. This will help take even more strain off the legs of the user. While traveling uphill, the user will use the carbon fiber hiking poles in a pushing motion behind them, activating their back and triceps, and while going downhill the poles will help your knees by distributing the weight to your abs, chest, and biceps. While distributing weight across the hiker’s body, they also provide extra balance that could save your life.

Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles Add Stability

If you ever have problems with falling, carbon fiber hiking poles will give the hiker more points of contact with the ground, in turn decreasing the likelihood of a fall, and increasing balance. While doing all these things, a well-made pair of trekking poles can easily establish a rhythm for the hiker once they have used them for a small amount of time, increasing their speed and decreasing fatigue. This is one of the many benefits trekking poles provide.

Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles Complement Your Natural Gait

After a hiker has developed a rhythm with his or her hiking poles, some other benefits will come to light. Using carbon fiber hiking poles correctly can help with posture while hiking. Many hikers slouch forward slightly while carrying heavy loads on their back. However, using hiking poles can help you stand up straighter and take some strain off your lower back. This is key for anyone that has experienced any back problems in their lifetime but can also be beneficial to anyone who is trying to prevent injuries in the future.

Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles Help Posture

Having correct posture while hiking will allow users to not only hike longer, but also decrease the likelihood of injuries on the trail. Another interesting effect of correct posture is the fact that it will increase breathing effectiveness which will also allow the hiker to have greater endurance.

There are many opportunities to use carbon fiber hiking poles that will present themselves to a hiker, such as hiking in overgrown paths, a hiking pole can come in handy when brushing away branches and other obstructive items on the trail. Using carbon fiber hiking poles specifically to move away dangerous obstacles such as spider webs and poison ivy make trekking poles a must for anyone planning on hiking on lesser used trails. No longer will you have to search for a stick on the ground to do the job a trekking pole would do 10x better.

Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles Increase Your Safety

Carbon fiber hiking poles are very helpful in situations where the user may need to check something without using his or her own hands. Examples of this would include, checking the depth of a stream/river before crossing, checking the depth of mud/quick sand, or even moving an animal such as a snake away from the trail. Anytime a scenario presents itself where something needs to be accessed, a hiking pole can come in handy, while keeping you out of harm’s way.
Carbon fiber hiking poles can also be used as makeshift items in dire situations. You can use them as tent poles for a tarp, a possible splint for a broken bone, or even as a paddle for a raft/canoe. This can be the difference between life and death in some situations. With a well-made trekking pole, the possibilities are endless. Anytime a sturdy stick is needed, a trekking pole can easily do the job.

A Final Thought

The possibilities of carbon fiber hiking poles are endless. Not only do they provide the much-needed support for a hiker’s legs, but they can also double as a useful tool on the trail. All in all, hiking poles are one of the best investments a hiker can make, and if you are going to get a pair, get a pair that not only will provide a high-grade trekking pole, but also doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Premiere Outdoor Gear sells high quality trekking poles at affordable prices.