A Simple Guide to Trekking

Hiker with trekking poles standing in a halo of sun

Concept of Trekking

The word trekking has been derived from the English word trek which means a walk that requires a great effort or is extremely strenuous. Trek refers to a highly strenuous walk that usually lasts for several days without a fixed accommodation. The accommodation is generally in a tent where you need to sleep on outdoor sleeping pads. A trek is done usually done in the areas where the transport cannot reach, and the only way is to walk. The weather is sometimes harsh and cold and you need to be prepared with the outdoor sleeping blankets.

The Preparation Required for Trekking

Trekking requires adequate planning and that too well in advance. You need to be well prepared when you plan to go for a trek as it may require a few days to a week or more to complete the trekking. First and foremost, a hydration bladder is of utmost importance, this is a type of a hydration system that is built in the form of a back pack containing a bladder that acts as the reservoir of water. Hydration is extremely important in the case of a long strenuous walk. At certain times, it becomes very difficult to walk and hence you should use the trekking poles for a support while walking.

A camp kitchen comes very handy on a trek where you can prepare the food and for the purpose of sleeping, you should pack the outdoor sleeping bags with all the required items. In some situations, you cannot sleep on the ground so it is better to use camping hammocks which can be suspended from two sides and you can sleep on it. You should also carry a waterproof dry bag where you can pack all your things and prevented it from getting wet in times of rain.